This unusual technique of split-screening 2 different animations, that are synced in time, is effective in showing both the accident and the impact on the injured body.

Criminal defense cases are suitable for 3D animation to reinact situations and explain circumstances. They help the judge and jury understand past events.

Accident re-creation animations are especially effective tools in showing the cause and effect of an action.

Complex events that happen over time can be explained visually in a simplified manner. This type of animation is effective for construction, environmental and eminent domain litigation.

Body-dynamic or bio-mechanical 3D animation can explain what forces at acting a human body during an event impact.

3D Animation & Visualization


The above accident actually happened at night on an icy bridge in Colorado. In the case of nighttime animations, we often prepare a "daytime" version which gives the mediator, judge or jury a clear idea of what took place.

The above accident is the "nightime" version which shows the recreation in the proper lighting conditions. Lighting and visibility often come into play when a judge, mediator or jury is considering the cause or causes of the accident.

Boating accidents are common occurances in the U.S. coastal states. We can prepare effective 3D animated examplars for use in mediations, settlement conferences and at trial.